Jas & Macca- 1 + 2 + Science = 3

Jas and Macca were one of my first ever photo shoots way back when they got engaged.

They eventually got married. Unfortunately I was serving in Afghanistan at the time and couldn’t attend. Had I of been home, I like to think I would have been their wedding photographer.

These two have a bit of a story when it comes to expanding their family. Jas prides herself on being open and honest about their story. So I know she won’t mind me sharing a little bit here…

I mean it when I say, that these two have a special kind of love. A love where sometimes they are the male and female version of each other. They have so much in common, yet they are two individuals. I love that about them.

For  2 and a half years, they went through one hell of a fertility battle. I won’t go into details- that’s not my place. Jas has been open about it the whole time with people she cares about. I know what these two have been through and I know the persistence they have both had in order to get them to this point.

Jas has eyes that could light up the world. A personality that is infectious and instantly makes people happy to be around her. Macca is a calm soul, a little bit quirky, but is definitely the ‘lover’ and never the fighter. So… thank the stars… that these two beautiful people are now having a baby.

JAS AND MACCA ARE PREGNANT!! (Well Jas is… Macca just helped a bit).

When Jas sent me a message 2 months ago, telling me she was in extreme early stages of pregnancy- I was SO honoured to have been told. Never have I EVER been so honoured than when she asked me to take their pregnancy announcement photos. So a week later we trekked into Fortitude Valley… with all sorts of props (thanks Jas), and took a whole lot of photos that I absolutely adore.

It lights up my world to know that these two will have everything they have ever wanted, I can’t wait until March (when all the awesome people are born) 2015, when this precious little life enters the world. They are so in love…

I love you two so much, and am seriously the most ridiculously happiest, stoked-est, honoured photographer and friend kicking around.

Yay Jas and Macca- You’re having a baby!!!!



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