Remember Katrina and Harper? Well it was these guys that bought Katrina the photoshoot as a present. You may recognise them in a photo or two from Katrina’s photoshoot!

I used to work with Mark and he is one of the most genuinely lovely, down to earth people you’ll ever come across. He is a Dad to Owen- who is the ultimate teenage dream. This family just seems to keep expanding. Mark and Kelly met, fell in love, moved in, got engaged, bought a house and now… they have a baby- Addison. (The facts in that story may be in an incorrect order… or not… but you get the drift).

Addison is just a sweet little thing. Kelly is one of those women that you meet and instantly think ‘now she’s a cool chick’. I’ve always gotten along with and liked Kel. It’s a no brainer that she’s an awesome Mum. She just seems to take it in her stride and dominate. So cool about it all and just easy going.

So, of course, this entire household is ridiculously chilled. An awesome family and I’m sooooo glad I was able to be home long enough to photograph them!

IMG_7230_2 LOW  IMG_7243_2 LOW  IMG_7255 LOW IMG_7298 LOW IMG_7318 LOW  IMG_7343 LOW IMG_7366 LOW IMG_7415_2 LOW IMG_7428_2 LOW IMG_7433_2 LOW IMG_7453 LOW IMG_7463 LOW IMG_7483 LOW copy IMG_7494_2 LOW IMG_7520 LOW IMG_7524 LOW IMG_7538 LOW IMG_7576 LOW IMG_7581 LOW IMG_7592 LOW IMG_7602 LOW IMG_7621 LOW

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