Cozzi Family

A sunrise family shoot on a fresh winters morning.

Michelle and I met in our first year of uni! She had just met Brett back then.

Fast forward a hundred and fifty years later…. she’s a well educated woman, she’s now married to Brett and they have gorgeous little Georgia.

These guys are a solid family. Michelle is an awesome Mum, but she’s a Mum with goals and ambition. Goals that she has been striving towards and I have to say, the woman is inspirational.

She’s just finished a 12 week challenge with her gym and has totally changed her entire way of life. She looks incredible, but it’s clear that she’s learnt so much.

Loved photographing these guys nice and early. Georgia is hilarious and it was so fun to chase her all around the place!

IMG_7748 LOW IMG_7756 LOW IMG_7765 LOW IMG_7774 LOW IMG_7827 LOW IMG_7844 LOW copy IMG_7860 LOW IMG_7875 LOW IMG_7895 LOW5C8A7808 LOW 5C8A7816 LOW 5C8A7819 LOW 5C8A7830 LOW 5C8A7841 LOW 5C8A7844 LOW 5C8A7851 LOW 5C8A7862 LOW

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