Dorey Family

So here’s a cool story….

Mrs Dorey (or Maree as I’m now forced to call her) was my teacher in Grade 1.


Yes.. do the maths. A LONG time ago.

Years ago we reconnected through Facebook and have been ‘friends’ since then. I’ve followed the adventures of her AMAZING children as they have grown into beautiful young Adults.

I’ve watched in admiration at a marriage that just seems to be filled with love, friendship and heaps of fun!

So heres a 30 second run down.

Jacob and Hannah (children) are awesome tennis players. They’ve been ‘ball kids’ at all the big fancy tennis matches (If I actually knew the names of those matches then I’d tell you. But I’m hopeless). They graduated from high school with all sorts of awesomeness

You know… the kids that absolutely clean up with awards on speech night, are in the ‘cool group’, are humble as anything and have an abundance of friends.

They’ve both gotten scholarships to colleges in the USA. So now that’s where they both live. And study. And play tennis. And I’m sure they NEVER drink beer…. not yet being 21 and all.

They were both home for the ‘summer’ and Maree contacted me asking for a photoshoot.


So I organised to break into (borrow the keys for) my friends cafe in Clayfield. We broke in after hours and had the funnest photoshoot. I wanted to just sit there and talk to them- each person in this family is so interesting.

But I was there to take photos.

Hannah and Jacob are best friends. It’s so cool. The kids are ‘friends’ with their parents whilst still maintaining that ‘i’m the parent and  your the kid’ mentality. Hannah has a beautiful relationship with her Dad- the man just idolises her and is so invested in what she is doing in life.

Jacob is so sweet to his mother. You know when you get act advice of ‘be good to your mother’. He is. He totally is.

Have you noticed I’m a total fan girl of this family?

I’ll stop there. You get the drift.

This was an amazing photoshoot and I loved it. Such an honour and I feel so grateful that opportunities like this find me.

IMG_6024 LOW IMG_6029 LOW IMG_6042 LOW IMG_6047 LOW IMG_6058 LOW IMG_6119_2 LOW

IMG_6065 LOW IMG_6064 LOW IMG_6062 LOW IMG_6124 LOW BW IMG_6141 LOW IMG_6088 LOWIMG_6159 LOW IMG_6091 LOWIMG_6175 LOW

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