Millie is one of my most loyal clients.

She doesn’t actually know that, but she is. I used to work with Crowie (her Dad) and have always kept in touch. He and his lovely wife Kirsty actually had me along to Millie’s naming day last year. I photographed the entire event. It was awesome.

Kirsty was devastated to learn that I’d be travelling when Millie turned 1. She even considered moving Millie’s party so that i’d be there to photograph it (This did not happen… and she was only joking. I think).

She when she heard that I’d be returning from travel she was the first person to jump in and book a session.

SO glad that they did. Millie has changed so much. I mean she walks now. Runs even. She’s a massive dag, she’s a total dude and she’s fiercely independent. She’s the kind of kid that I just look at and think… ‘you’re going to actually be legitimately cool when you’re a teenager’.

Check out those eyelashes. Seriously. Millie is just gorgeous. She’s a heap of fun to hang out with and she never. ever. stops.

So, lucky these guys have decided to add to their tribe and have another one on the way. Kirsty was actually in the early stages of pregnancy at this shoot but I didn’t know! I’m usually right onto that sort of thing- can’t believe I didn’t pick up on it! When I laughed about it later on with Kristy she said ‘couldn’t you see how green I was. I was sooooo unwell that day’. Oops.

I’m so glad that these guys have me around to shoot this sort of stuff. It was awesome to just watch Millie do her thing. Now it’s captured for always.

I actually met the Sio Family through these guys! …. and so the power of ‘word of mouth’ continues!

IMG_5603 LOW IMG_5608 LOW IMG_5613 LOW IMG_5622 LOW IMG_5626 LOW IMG_5637 LOW IMG_5652 LOW IMG_5669 LOW IMG_5688 LOW IMG_5699 LOW IMG_5713 LOW IMG_5736 LOW IMG_5750 LOW IMG_5755 LOW IMG_5759 LOW IMG_5776 LOW IMG_5823 LOW IMG_5869 LOW IMG_5900 LOW IMG_5946_2 LOW IMG_5959 LOW IMG_6009 LOW

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