Tara and James

If ever there was real, true, absolute, legit, beautiful, ‘meant to be’ type love… it was Tara and James.

Rewind a little. (Ps- I like stories….)

Tara and I went to school together. She was a star swimmer. I was a swimmer. Not a star.

I just swam… behind her. Because she was fast.

Anyway. She went to another school to finish of her high school years, then she became a nurse, then we ended up competing in the same RnR team at Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Club.

Fast forward…. Tara does some Army time (part of the way she went about her nursing degree) and we run into each other here and there throughout that time. Social Media has meant that we’ve always stayed in touch, which is awesome.

Next thing you know, Tara is working for the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Townsville.

Enter James.

Helloooooo helicopter man.

Ok… so that’s not his actual job title. But it’s how they know each other.

Fast forward a little bit more and you have these guys living in their own home and Tara has a lovely rock on her finger. I was headed up to Townsville for another job. I suggested to Tara that in exchange for an airport pick up and a place to stay…. I’d take their engagement photos. Deal.

These guys are… just… wow. Yeah. So in love. It’s actually beautiful. They are grounded, down to earth, realistic and honest about what their relationship is. It’s seriously the best.

Fast forward a little further. These guys jet off to NZ to get married (jealloouussssss…. of NZ that is… not the marriage bit!) in what looked like the most emotional and gorgeous wedding I think I’ve ever stalked over social media.

Best bit yet… theres now a baby on the way. So cool.

They guys are going to totally dominate parenting. I can’t wait for the little arrival announcement of the Junior Pidgeon. No… they’re not getting a pet bird. That’s their name.

I loved this shoot. These guys made my heart happy xo

5C8A3002 MEDIA 5C8A3004_2 MEDIA 5C8A3009 MEDIA 5C8A3041 MEDIA 5C8A3044 MEDIA 5C8A3061 MEDIA 5C8A3071 MEDIA 5C8A3072 MEDIA 5C8A3075 MEDIA 5C8A3090 MEDIA 5C8A3100 MEDIA 5C8A3105 MEDIA copy 5C8A3107 MEDIA 5C8A3111_2 MEDIA 5C8A3121 MEDIA 5C8A3127 MEDIA

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