Marks Babies

Evie and Fraser are super special to me.

Their mum has been my friend for 20 years now. I’ve known them since they were in the womb and were actually known as ‘Daisy’ and ‘Jagger’. (Stories for another day).

These two are hilarious. Evie is full of personality. She is kind, caring, cheeky, cute and just down right funny.

Fraser is a little dude. He’s cute as!

These photos were taken at their home up on the sunshine coast. Just capturing a day in the life…

5C8A4811 MEDIA 5C8A4814 MEDIA 5C8A4816 MEDIA 5C8A4824 MEDIA 5C8A4826 MEDIA 5C8A4832 MEDIA 5C8A4843 MEDIA 5C8A4850 MEDIA 5C8A4855 MEDIA 5C8A4866 MEDIA 5C8A4876 MEDIA 5C8A4879 MEDIA 5C8A4899_2 MEDIA 5C8A4908 MEDIA 5C8A4916 MEDIA 5C8A4920 MEDIA 5C8A4924 MEDIA

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