Toni & Tony

5C8A0983 LOW

A long time ago, Toni took some photos for me.

She is an incredible photographer. There’s not much else to say really- she’s actually the bomb.

She’s been photographing weddings since she was 14. She is the mother to a bull called Elizabeth. She’s hands down the most innapropriate person at the most appropriate times. Her favourite word is moist. I’ve seen her nipple. She’s a friggen amazing photographer.

So you can imagine my shock when she sends me a message….asking to book me for a photoshoot.


Photograph my long time photography idol.

The woman who inspired me to ‘get into’ photography in the first place. The woman who made it look so fun, easy and totally worth it.

Wanted ME… to take photos of HER.

I initially told her that I needed a moment. Let the shock sink in. She then replied with ‘Ok… I’ll still be here’…

So the conversation was had and we got it all organised. I was to photograph Toni and Tony. The gorgeous couple…the parents to Elizabeth the Bull.

I trekked out to their property and we held the loveliest photoshoot.

Now these two are CUTE. It’s the classic ‘you’re the straw to my berry’, the ‘pine to my apple’ and the ‘cup to my cake’. They’ve got it.

Guys… relationships… you’re doing it totally right.

Then there is their child. Elizabeth. Named as such because it was originally thought that ‘he’ was a girl, born on Queens birthday.

Turns out ‘she’ was actually a boy cow… I think that the legalities were already formalised with Births, Deaths and Marriages and so they just left his name as is.

Elizabeth the Bull.

It was such a fun shoot. I was running all around the paddock trying to make sure we got those ‘perfect’ family shots.

Thanks for having my guys. It was an amazing honour for me and I am truly stoked that I got to take photos of the woman who inspires me.

If you’re getting married… you’d be crazy not to book her. Check out all her bits here

CB xo

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