Hannah- Portfolio Images

In 2015 I had the pleasure of photographing the Dorey Family. You can see those images here.

As always, thanks to My Mistress Cafe for the after hours use of your establishment x

I made it no secret that I love this family.

Hannah asked me very nicely if I would ba able to take some ‘head shots’ for her portfolio.

The pleasure was all mine. I actually asked if she would mind modelling for me a little longer so that I could feed a little creative burst.

Hannah is stunning. You want to hate her but you’ll never be able to. She’s gorgeous, smart, extremely talented and just a really cool chick.

Thank for hanging out with me Hannah! (Can I have your autograph now…? You know.. before Hollywood snaps you up)

I love this kind of photography. If you’re looking for a natural set of headshots to add to your portfolio- call me!

IMG_6183 HI

IMG_6182_2 HIIMG_6186 HIIMG_6188_2 HIIMG_6184_2 HI BWIMG_6180_2 HIIMG_6200 HIIMG_6222 HIIMG_6205_2 HIIMG_6203_2 HIIMG_6218 HIIMG_6195 HI

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