Mitch and Selena Green

This wedding was a lesson for me. Being a ‘photographer who is also a friend/ guest at the wedding is a little bit hard’.

All I mean is that when you have been friends with someone for 15 years and then photograph their wedding, it’s impossible not to get emotional!

I found myself quickly wiping my eyes every ten seconds whilst trying to capture every moment of the day. I had to laugh at myself. I’m a cryer. No doubt about that.

Selena and I have been friends since 1995. A really long time. She asked me to photograph her wedding. We were in Africa at the time. I happily flew home to capture this beautiful day.


IMG_478 LOWIMG_4798 LOWIMG_4802 LOWIMG_4886 LOWIMG_4930 LOWIMG_4935 LOWIMG_4928 LOW5C8A6631 LOWIMG_4951_2 LOWIMG_4994 LOW5C8A6668 LOW5C8A6677 LOW5C8A6684 LOW5C8A6694 LOWIMG_5043_2 LOWIMG_5135 LOWIMG_5140 LOWIMG_5138 LOWIMG_5148 LOWIMG_5150 LOWIMG_5151 LOWIMG_5173 LOW5C8A6711 LOWIMG_5201 LOWIMG_5228 LOWIMG_5232 LOWIMG_5236 LOWIMG_5239 LOWIMG_5251 LOWIMG_5252 LOWIMG_5254 LOWIMG_5270 LOWIMG_5272 LOWIMG_5275 LOWIMG_5283 LOWIMG_5285 LOWIMG_5306 2 LOWIMG_5317 LOWIMG_5319 LOWIMG_5322 LOWIMG_5325 LOWIMG_5345 LOWIMG_5383 LOWIMG_5389 LOWIMG_5404 LOWIMG_5415 LOW5C8A6907 LOW5C8A6923 LOW5C8A6931 LOW5C8A6947 LOW5C8A6952 LOW5C8A6955_2 LOW5C8A6921 LOW5C8A7020 LOW5C8A7025 LOW5C8A7031_2 LOW5C8A7185 LOW5C8A7186 LOW5C8A7190 LOW

Carly Box is an Australian Photographer. She is a self- taught photographer and has been perfecting her art for over 5 years. Carly is a ‘world wide’ freelance photographer who travels indefinitely. Currently based in Northern Thailand, Carly has the ability to travel anywhere you require her to be. Her style is a unique mix of many things, with her forté being natural light. Contact Carly with your enquiries here.

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