Sharing my art- The Blackhole, Bellingen

I’m pretty protective of my work.

I don’t like to just share it without people knowing it’s mine. I believe that I deserve the credit for my work. Simple.

I’m not worried about other artists ‘copying’ it. I see that as flattery. I just feel like I work really hard. I’ve worked hard on perfecting my art for so many years. I work hard when I take the pictures and I work damn hard during the post processing. (Like… I spend… HOURS on it)

You don’t just pick up a camera, press a button and think ‘wow I’m a freaking photographic genius’.

Well some people do, but I’m a harsher critic on myself. It takes time. You spend money on the equipment you use, you learn how to use it, you learn how to become way better at using it and you continue to learn learn and learn.

It took AGES before I identified myself as a ‘photographer’. For so long I just said ‘oh yeah… I’m into photography’ or ‘Nah I’m not a photographer. No way. I’m not a pro’.

Then you start to believe in yourself. You start to think ‘Wow… I’m pretty awesome…’

I’ve spent countless hours wandering around my back yard taking photos of fence palings, leaves, my dog, weeds and clouds. I’ve gone out on so many random ‘photography days’ where I’ll just drive somewhere and take photos of everything and anything in all sorts of light. I’ve taken photos of family, friends and friends of friends out of the goodness of my heart. I’ve offered to do photoshoots for people in my very early days, purely for my own development. (As a business owner, I don’t do this anymore. I actually need to eat!)

The time and money you spend all adds up.

So what am I saying here?

I believe that hard work and talent needs to be rewarded appropriately. As an artist it’s really hard to put a price on your work. As much as you want to ask, it’s also sometimes challenging to accept anything from people.

We all start somewhere. If you don’t put yourself out there and take yourself seriously- then who will?

So here’s a little story about me taking myself seriously.

My long time friend Mars Macdivitt and her lovely husband Chris own a shop called The Blackhole. It’s down in Bellingen which is south of Coffs Harbour.


This awesome couple are a pair of wicked artists. Stuff you’ve never seen before and will likely never see again once it’s sold.

It’s a quirky little shop that sells handmade art. Ranging from sculptures to paintings to sketches to cushions and so much other stuff. They have their own work in the shop, their daughters work and the work of many other Australian artists. Just go look at their website!!

Well now they also sell a few bits and pieces with MY images on them. There are some blank cards and calendars all with my Africa images.


It’s only a small collection. I wanted to see how it would go. But it’s a start. It feels so awesome to be sharing my work in this way. It’s one thing to take these pictures whilst out in the African wilderness then load them onto your hard drive. It’s another to put them on social media so people can ‘like’ them. Having them actually printed so that people can physically take them into the big wide world is crazy!

It may not seem like much to most people but to me this is a huge step.

I’m super grateful to The Blackhole for giving me this opportunity. I’ve been wanting to take a bigger step forward in my business and FINALLY this is it!!

If you’re ever down that way (driving Brisbane to Sydney, or reverse) stop in at The Blackhole and say hello to these guys. Maybe buy a sculpture… or even a card 😉

Thank you to Mars and Chris. I’m super chuffed to be included in amongst such talent in your shop!!


The Blackhole
Shop 8, 1 Doepel St
Bellingen, NSW

To check out the website, click here.

To follow them on Facebook, click here.

To contact them, click here.


Carly Box is an Australian Photographer. She is a self- taught photographer and has been perfecting her art for over 5 years. Carly is a ‘world wide’ freelance photographer who travels indefinitely. Currently based in Northern Thailand, Carly has the ability to travel anywhere you require her to be. Her style is a unique mix of many things, with her forté being natural light. Contact Carly with your enquiries here.

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