So many babies!!

My style of newborn photography is different from the rest. I tend to work with what’s in front of me rather than create something to photograph. What does that even mean, you ask?

Well instead of setting up a studio and filling it with props, posing a sleepy baby in a cute hat with an adorable outfit, I like to just let the baby be themselves.

I love the studio style photography- but it’s just not my style. I capture things as they happen. I keep things natural. The smiles, the tears, the coos and the screams. I love having families in their own home, being themselves and being comfortable. It’s the best.

I am lucky in life to be surrounded by lots of beautiful children and I love to photograph them. If you like what you see her and would like to book me for newborn photography then check out my pricing here. After that you can contact me here.

I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful little baby. Maybe even have a tiny baby snuggle šŸ™‚

IMG_6279 LOWIMG_6302 LOW
Evie Media 1Airlie MEDIA 24Evie Media 5Dion Airlie MEDIAIsla MEDIA
Airlie MEDIA 28Lexie MEDIAEvie Media 4Evie Media 6Airlie MEDIA 27Isla MEDIA 2Sid Tunney 2IMG_7651

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