Selena- Fitness Photoshoot

I’ve said that this is a fitness photoshoot, but that title doesn’t really do this justice.

Selena has recently wrapped up a season of competing in INBA figure competitions.

She’s worked her ass off, has more dedication and motivation than anyone I know and deserves every trophy and medal sitting in her pool room right now. I personally believe she should have a bunch of first place trophies lining her walls, but hey, Im too busy eating pizza to be a judge.

She’s a freaking weapon and I’m so glad we got together to create this set of images for her.

I absolutely LOVED this photoshoot. I want to do more. Tell all your friends with muscles about me. Please.

5C8A1912 LOW5C8A1919 LOW5C8A1926 LOW5C8A1943 LOW5C8A1956 LOW5C8A1962 LOW5C8A2001 LOW5C8A2000 LOW5C8A2015 LOW5C8A2025 LOW5C8A2035 LOW5C8A2038 LOW5C8A2055 LOW5C8A2067 LOW5C8A2069 LOW5C8A2075 LOW5C8A2081 LOW5C8A2084 LOW5C8A2088 LOW5C8A2122 LOW5C8A2146 LOW

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