Alice & Nick- Maternity

Brisbane is an exceptionally small place.

Then you add the Army into the mix and it is even exceptionally-er small.

Alice and I know a bunch of the same people. We really should have met a long time ago. I met Alice’s sister [Bridget] in 2014 when we did a course together….in Melbourne?!

Bridget spoke a lot about her sister and I really felt like I already knew her. It was inevitable that we would meet at some stage. I just didn’t think that Alice would go to the lengths of getting pregnant, needing a maternity shoot and booking me as her photographer for that to occur 🙂

Alice wasn’t going to have a maternity shoot but we made a plan and I’m so glad we did. That belly is just gorgeous and I’m so stoked that I got to capture this for them.

I love pregnant bellies. They are incredible. It’s fascinating to see what the human body is capable of. This is Alice & Nick. Their bump and their gorgeous puppy Koda. Thanks for having me guys. See you when you’ve got a baby…

(PS- They totally already had the baby… I’m just behind in my posts… so I’ll pretend like I was really cool and wrote it way before they had their little one!)

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