Alana- Fitness Photoshoot

Alana contacted me after seeing the images I took for Selena. I’m so glad she did.

Alana was between competitions. She competed in Season A and knew that she needed to give Season B a crack. She looks absolutely phenomenal. She’s confident, she’s beautiful, she’s friendly and she’s hilarious.

The best part about Alana is that she hasn’t always looked like this. After our shoot I saw some images she put up of her ‘old self’. This young woman has absolutely changed her life in the past three years. She’s worked hard, lost weight, become fit and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. This led her to want to compete. What an inspiration.

Alana, thank you for coming into my life and showing me that this is what I love to do. I was buzzing for hours (actually, days) after this shoot. It went so well and I was so stoked to have met this inspiring young woman.

I’m not sure if she realises it… but we have become lifelong friends (whether she likes it or not #carlytakesthepiss).

CB xo

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