McAsey Baby #2

Jas & Macca are long time friends of mine. They are also long time clients.

I photographed their engagement photos- here

I would have photographed their wedding if I wasn’t in Afghanistan.

I then photographed their pregnancy announcement photos for their first baby- here

That was one of the most special things to be a part of. I knew at 5 weeks that they had a baby on the way. A baby that was created with a lot of love and a lot of science!

Jas then sent me a message earlier this year when I was in Vietnam to say that baby number 2 was on the way. Created with the same amounts of love and science.

Essentially they had their second little miracle on the way. How exciting!

I basically TOLD Jas that I wanted to photograph their maternity shots. I didn’t give her an option. These guys are the best. Macca is the best Dad and Jas is just such a cool chick. They are a rad team and their kids are just gorgeous!

Little Felix is now earthside. I can’t wait to meet him!

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