Carmichael Family

I’ve known these guys for ages! In fact, Amaya (the eldest) was all but 6 months old when I first met this family. She’s now 11. Ok I feel old.

As you can easily see… these guys are GORGEOUS! Each daughter has her own incredibly rad personality and it didn’t take long for them to shine through. Of course at first they were a bit apprehensive towards me… but by the end I had all 3 of them holding my hands on the way to the car… upset that they all couldn’t come and live with me haha.

When I was getting some shots of Nickela and Matt (Parents), I had the littlest one wrapped around my leg giving me a cuddle haha. CUTE! I drove down the coast for a photoshoot and drove home having gained three brand new besties.

It’s so nice to not just feel like ‘the photographer they hired’. To also feel like a friend &/or part of the family is just really special. I honestly am so grateful for people like this in my ‘work’. I love what I do and the fact that I gain new friends all the time really means a lot to me.

The BEST part about this shoot was that Matt was so involved. He actually initiated the photoshoot in the first place! He was super involved during the shoot and was asking if we could get ‘photos over there’ ‘photos doing this’ ‘photos with this background’. It’s always nice when the Dads are keen to be a part of it rather than acting like their missus dragged them along. Matt works away from his family so I know that having these images was super special to him. I hope that the walls of his little home up north are eventually filled with these gorgeous photos of his pretty ladies.

What a lucky guy hey? Destined to be surrounded by beautiful women!

I can’t wait to see these guys again. Amaya is only 11 and doesn’t even realise how amazingly beautiful she is. I am definitely stealing her again one day for another photoshoot. Wow.

Thanks for having me guys… let’s do this again soon!

Much Love,
CB xo

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