Amy & Ryan- Engaged

Amy & Ryan are such an easy going couple.

Fun secret- I knew they were going to get engaged before they actually got engaged. Amy contacted me to ask about photographing her wedding…I thought they must have gotten engaged already! Nope. Just thinking about it, talking about it, throwing some ideas around for dates etc…  We exchanged some messages then I figured I’d just leave them be.

Anyway, a few months goes by and I thought I’d touch base… then I get this message back right away….


Have to laugh. I was a bit taken aback and responded with ‘what… like… right now…’?

She said it happened 30 minutes prior haha! I left them alone from there and let them enjoy being engaged! Of course Amy was straight into planning and we booked their engagement shoot within a few days… and of course locked in their wedding date.

These guys were so chilled. We wandered through the mangroves at Wellington Point at sunset. It was rad. Despite Ryan clearly being well over it… he never once asked when we would be done. Such a good husband-to-be!

I love the energy these guys have. It’s fun, relaxed and just full of love and happiness! Bring on September 2017!!!!

Can’t wait!

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