I’ll admit this. Photographing families with a new baby is really hard if there are older siblings. (My opinion only… other photographers might find it a breeze!)

I’m certainly no baby whisperer… but I can manage a little baby and its parents. Add a toddler or two into the mix and wow… haha. Trying to get them to a) look at the camera and b) actually smile is hard work.

Toddlers don’t do stuff because you ask nicely. They look at you and think…

‘you’re not the boss of me… how about you f&^k off’…

…and either never smile, don’t sit still WITH that smile for more then 0.02 of a second or just flatly refuse to have their photo taken.

Alexis was no exception to this rule and I loved her for it. That kid is 100% dancing to the beat of her own drum and it’s hilarious. She is going to grow up into a strong woman who absolutely takes no shit from no one… good luck Danny and Emily haha!

Sophia on the other hand… piece of cake. She actually settled for me and we could get her calm and chilled for some amazing photos.

Despite her aversion to the amount of time we hung out together…. we managed to get a collection of photos of her that I think her parents were absolutely stoked with.


The best part about this shoot is the new friend I’ve made in Emily. Emily is my people. She’s in the Army, cares about her health and fitness and most of all… wants to be strong for her girls as well as being a confident role model for them. We chatted for ages about general confidence, body confidence in front of her girls and setting the right example. It’s a topic that I’m passionate about and it was nice to just feel like I was hanging out with a friend rather than ‘working’ (PS- it never really feels like ‘work’…)

Heres a little selection from our photoshoot…

Thanks for having me guys xo

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