2016 Woah….


This year has been insane. I’ve travelled to 11 countries. We’ve started an epic business in The Barracks Gym. Changed our entire lives. Made some monumental decisions that are still yet to take effect. We simplified our lives. I found myself. The penny massively dropped on my own personal wellbeing. I kept my photography business afloat. I realised what I wanted for my photography business. Saw out the year and conducted approximately 78 photoshoots in 2016.

This year has been all about identity for me. I lost myself in amongst the madness of photoshoots. I lost my love for photography as a hobby and more so saw it as a ‘job’. I over committed myself, over promised but definitely didn’t under deliver. People waited a little longer than usual to receive their images as my workload increased, but no one went without. I worked countless hours to ensure people had their images. I have delivered galleries to people on Saturday nights at 11:30pm just so I could get started on editing the next gallery first thing Sunday morning. At my highest point in workflow I had 14 unedited shoots waiting patiently in a line.

I’ve pushed myself to the limits and now it’s time to come back down to earth! I’ve got a clearer vision on who I am and what I want to do moving forward.

I’ve decided to make some changes to my business, my vision and what I want to do. I want to take more time for personal projects next year.

I’m not shy about the direction I want to take with photography. 

As of next  year I will no longer be offering newborn photography.

All newborn Photography will now be taken on by my girl and total baby whisperer Karlea Lynn Photography . Karlea is a genius with babies and families. Check her out! This is going to give me the time to focus on the things that I am truly good at.

I will be doing a reduced number of family shoots per month.
I will be doing a small amount of maternity shoots.
I will also be doing a limited amount of couple/ engagement/ wedding photography each month.
My heart will ALWAYS lie with travel photography and with some travel now in the works for next year I can’t wait to reignite this!

What will I be mostly focussing on? Fitness Photography.

Earlier this year my best friend Selena competed in a bodybuilding competition. She asked me to take some pictures of her in her gym. You can see them here.

From there things escalated. I had Alana come into my gym in the middle of her season. You can see her shoot here.
Then things exploded. I was booked out with at least 3 fitness shoots a week for the next few months. Sometimes I did three shoots in a day. I loved it. I absolutely thrive when I am in this environment with these amazing people.

Next year I have a few avenues I am exploring within other sports and other gyms and can’t wait to see where this takes me. I will also be aligning with clothing brands/ social media influencers in helping them create social media content.

I can be myself 100% when I photograph fitness. That is what I love most about it.
You can see a fair bit of my fitness work here.

So this year started out in Ho Chi Minh City and will end in Brisbane. If you had of asked me at the start of the year where I saw myself in December 2016… it wouldn’t be as a gym owner/ fitness photographer.

Sometimes the universe just puts you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

So closing off for 2016… Michael and I are happy. Our life is madness but it’s simple. We’ve really connected with each other over whats most important to us:
quality time together.

This year we’ve both been so insanely busy that this has fallen by the wayside a little. Moving into next year I am super excited about photographing more of what I love. The things that light me up, things that are riddled with positivity and allow me to have balance in my life. Things that give me that quality time.

There is absolutely no way I could do what I do without him. He pushes me to take chances and supports me when I’m busy. He often picks up the pieces when I’ve overdone it and I am always grateful to have him in my life.

[This is a test to see if he reads this haha]

Michael you are the love of my life and I am so incredibly grateful for everything you do for me and for us. I can’t wait to keep kicking ass side-by-side into 2017 and beyond. I love our non- traditional, simple, happy life. I am so proud of everything you’ve done this year. You’ve worked hard, learnt everything you needed to know and just given it everything you’ve got. I am proud to be your girl and I love you so much x

So rather than tell you any more stuff, I’m just going to show you my year in photos because it’s what I do best!

I’ve packed a hell of a lot into one year and this is only about 70% of it. It’s a wonder I’m completely exhausted!!

Have an Amazing Christmas and I look forward to the new year!


CB xo














YOUNG WOMEN (My new fave thing to photograph)




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