HELLO! I’m Carly.


Carly Box is a Photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

She purchased her first DSLR in 2011 and has worked hard to teach herself everything she knows today.


Carly is a former soldier within the Australian Army. Serving almost 9 years, including two tours of Afghanistan, before deciding to pursue her love of travel, photography and fitness.

Carly spent a lot of time in many corners of the globe with her partner Michael over at Cross That Box. They pride themselves on having unique travel experiences that are of course captured by Carly. Whether it be chasing the Northern Lights across Iceland, eating pork in Munich or being charged by elephants in Namibia- Carly has always had her camera in hand.


(Carly has now returned to Brisbane following 16 months of travel.
She is currently based in Brisbane and runs her business from here)

Her photography is different from the rest.

Capturing ‘real’ experiences.
Capturing personalities.
Telling stories.

Capturing life as it unfolds in front of you.


‘The most important thing I have learnt since involving myself in photography is that comparing yourself to others gets you no where. It is stressful and is an unnecessary pressure to put on yourself whilst you develop your talent. Admire others. Learn from others. Develop your style. At the end of the day you should only be comparing your photos with the last photos you took. Be yourself. You don’t have to be a ‘technically perfect’ photographer if you don’t want to. You don’t have to use certain techniques, both in camera and in post processing, if you don’t want to. Stay true to your style and own it. Be your own inspiration’

– Carly Box


When she is not photographing elephants, baboons, icebergs and german beer, Carly is kept busy photographing beautiful physiques in the fitness world.

Her portfolio will show that she has experience with couples and families as well.

Carly and her partner own a gym where Carly conducts fitness photoshoots. She has a passion for the most natural parts of life and aims to show that through photography. She only believes in keeping people, places and other things in their most natural state. Excessive posing, unnecessary ‘photoshopping’ and putting people in situations where they can’t be themselves is just not her style.

Carly will always go through a vision for a photoshoot with you prior to locking it in. She loves when people come to her because they have seen her work and love her style.

Carly Port A MEDIA

Thanks for stopping by,

Carly Takes Pictures.

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