Babies! So many babies!! My style of newborn photography is different from the rest. I tend to work with what’s in front of me rather than create something to photograph. What does that even mean, you ask? Well instead of setting up a studio and filling it with props, posing a sleepy baby in a … More Babies!

Marks Babies

Evie and Fraser are super special to me. Their mum has been my friend for 20 years now. I’ve known them since they were in the womb and were actually known as ‘Daisy’ and ‘Jagger’. (Stories for another day). These two are hilarious. Evie is full of personality. She is kind, caring, cheeky, cute and … More Marks Babies


Murphy turned one! So we took some photos of him and his family. He was impeccably behaved and had a whale of a time eating off all the sand at Miami Beach! Such a beautiful afternoon spent with a lovely family!  


Millie is one of my most loyal clients. She doesn’t actually know that, but she is. I used to work with Crowie (her Dad) and have always kept in touch. He and his lovely wife Kirsty actually had me along to Millie’s naming day last year. I photographed the entire event. It was awesome. Kirsty … More Millie


I’d heard all about Alanah long before I met her. Her mum, Bridget, and I had done a course together in Melbourne earlier in the year. We became instant friends and I heard lots and lots of stories about Max and Alanah. It turned out that we would all be in Brisbane on the same … More Alanah