Amy & Ryan- Engaged

Amy & Ryan are such an easy going couple. Fun secret- I knew they were going to get engaged before they actually got engaged. Amy contacted me to ask about photographing her wedding…I thought they must have gotten engaged already! Nope. Just thinking about it, talking about it, throwing some ideas around for dates etc…  We … More Amy & Ryan- Engaged

Tara and James

If ever there was real, true, absolute, legit, beautiful, ‘meant to be’ type love… it was Tara and James. Rewind a little. (Ps- I like stories….) Tara and I went to school together. She was a star swimmer. I was a swimmer. Not a star. I just swam… behind her. Because she was fast. Anyway. … More Tara and James

Jas and Macca

These guys are ridiculously special to me. I’ve known Macca for ages. When he met Jas, it was like the entire world just fell into place. They are perfect for each other. That’s all there is to be said. This photoshoot was one of my first ever. These guys wanted some photos to celebrate their … More Jas and Macca