Baby Baz

Little Baby Archer. Such a tiny and perfect human. He arrived earthside slightly earlier than was planned. His parents are so cruisy and it absolutely shows with how calm and content this little guy is. Such a pleasure to take his picture. Thanks for having me, Archer! CB xo

Walkinshaw Family

These guys are such a powerhouse family. By that I mean they just accept the madness and get shit done! With their little girl and baby twin boys… their life is just full on. Add in both Mum and Dad working and just general life stuff… things never stop! There was a fair bit of … More Walkinshaw Family


I’ll admit this. Photographing families with a new baby is really hard if there are older siblings. (My opinion only… other photographers might find it a breeze!) I’m certainly no baby whisperer… but I can manage a little baby and its parents. Add a toddler or two into the mix and wow… haha. Trying to … More Sophia

Carmichael Family

I’ve known these guys for ages! In fact, Amaya (the eldest) was all but 6 months old when I first met this family. She’s now 11. Ok I feel old. As you can easily see… these guys are GORGEOUS! Each daughter has her own incredibly rad personality and it didn’t take long for them to … More Carmichael Family

Fox Family

I’ve known Foxy for years. We worked together for a while. It was so lovely to be contacted by this family and ask if I’d capture their cute little family! These boys were hilarious. They made me work hard for it and good on them. These kids were 100% being themselves and I loved them … More Fox Family

Kirkpatrick Family

This photoshoot was so amazing. Sarah and I have known of each other for quite some time. We know a lot of the same people but had never really met. Well there was this one event ages ago where we actually did meet… but not really haha. Sarah is an incredible Mother. She has been … More Kirkpatrick Family


Murphy turned one! So we took some photos of him and his family. He was impeccably behaved and had a whale of a time eating off all the sand at Miami Beach! Such a beautiful afternoon spent with a lovely family!  

Tunney Family

The Tunney family are long time favourites of mine. I’ve known Molly since she was a baby. I feel like I’ve watched her grow up. She’s awesome. She’s super independent but is just such a polite and beautiful little soul. Sidney is hilaaaaaarious. I only knew him when he was a tiny baby. Then a … More Tunney Family

Cozzi Family

A sunrise family shoot on a fresh winters morning. Michelle and I met in our first year of uni! She had just met Brett back then. Fast forward a hundred and fifty years later…. she’s a well educated woman, she’s now married to Brett and they have gorgeous little Georgia. These guys are a solid … More Cozzi Family

Madden Family

I’ve known the Maddens for a really long time. I spent a lot of time photographing Lauren throughout her pregnancy. Josh was deployed for almost all of it. We decided to make sure that he didn’t miss out completely and sent him regular photo updates. Enter ‘Wolfie’ as she was known during her time in … More Madden Family